I have a passion for engaging media layout and design.

If you require professional copy writing, a new website, or even a makeover of your existing website, give me a call.

I believe consumers are, for the most part, objective, intelligent, calculating and genuinely curious about imagery and content that deliberately entice them to buy your products and services.

That's where I come in.  Call me on my cell for a project quote (657.262.7887).


Website Creations


Redlands, California  |  CLIENT:  Stephen Wimer

Online store promoting and selling 60's - 70's rock and surf artwork


Collins Auto Care, Orange, CA

Mt. Olive, Illinois

DETAILS:  Concept design, Built Responsive website,
Hosting Services

Big Show Graphics

Corona Del Mar, California

DETAILS:  Branding & Logo creation, concept design, copy writer,
website creation and hosting.

Ask me about other online media work.


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